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This is how the product generally works. We think it works perfectly how it is.
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Find a pro golf coach in your local area. We have pros from every county in the UK.

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Let him take you round the course with good shots and cool putting.

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Wow all of your golf buddies with your new skills and really low handicap.

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Golf can be one of the most rewarding, and frustrating games in the world - all within the space of 2 shots! is here to help you get better at golf, with consistent coaching everyone can up their game. Golf is a good sport for walking and doing nothing for ages, Nick you will need to rewrite all of this.

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What you think your golf swing is like, and what you actually do are often completely different. Having a coach review your swing, and then helping you make gradual changes will help you become more consistent and give you the opportunity to shoot lower scores.

Even the professionals who can bomb drives 350+ yards down the fairway and shoot low 60 scores have their coaches on the driving range to check them over.

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